Frontend Engineer / WordPress Developer

Koji Kuno

Hi! I’m a freelance web developer/engineer working at home in Gifu-city, Japan. I love coding( w/ HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP ), and looking forward to learn new languages and Frameworks. I am a contributor of WordPress in private.

I was in UK(lived at Colliers Wood and Vauxhall in London) for 2 years. So I’ll be able to talk with you in English and having a fun conversation. But it’s getting worse because I don’t have some situation for having to use English in my ordinary life. That’s why I made this website! I’m trying to publish in English as well as in Japanese.

What I can do…

I can provide fot you like…

  • Coding with HTML/CSS/JavaScript including React.js, Next.js
  • Development on WordPress
    • Theme
    • Plugin
    • Original custom blocks
  • Consulting for technical
  • Consulting for how to use/develop WordPress
  • Creativity works like making CI/Logo/Printing stuffs

Where it started…

When I was kids

When I was 9, started to learn to play baseball. But I couldn’t enjoy so changed to Football because my friends already learned. It was so fun, and enjoy playing until now.

When I was student

In High School, one of my favorite is taking photo for some competitions. Lucky me! I got some medals. Went to University, but I found I want to do more than in this Uni. So dropped, then went to vocatinal school.

After becoming a big

Joined to Advertisement Agency in Gifu as a Graphic Designer to create local paper and ADs. And when I was 27, went to London to learn English for 2 years. (It’s secret that for traveling around europe).

Backed to Japan and joined to Local Printing Company.

As a freelance

Left that company, I was finding some jobs. But I decided to be freelance. Now I’m supporting for WordPress Community as a Co-Organizer of Gifu WordPress Meetup. And I set up CoderDojo Gifu, Shift which is civil society.